What should I bring to my session?

It's a great idea to bring a small bag to hold phones, keys, wallets, sunglasses and anything else that you might normally keep in your pockets. We don't want them showing up in your photos. ​ It's also a great idea to bring mess free snacks and drinks to keep you and your little ones happy and hydrated during your session. If possible, please avoid sunscreen before your session as it can be reflective on the face. If you are planning an outdoor Summer session with me please bring some sort of bug spray or repellent. The mosquitos can get quite bad in certain locations.

What should i wear- Maternity addition?

Comfortable is key... If you feel uncomfortable in your outfit choice that will be reflected in your photos. I suggest wearing something tight but not too tight, with some give or stretch. Wear something that makes you feel beautiful and most importantly shows off your "bump." Long dresses with cotton or stretch type fabrics are always a great choice. Solid prints are always classic. If you feel a little more brave opt for a pattern. Make sure to wear comfortable shoes or flip flops. If you would like to wear heels of any kind during your session I would suggest bringing them in a separate bag so that you can change into them on location. Accessories can add a great pop of color to a neutral or solid color scheme. A belt around your belly to emphasize your bump, a great pair of earrings, or even a crown of flowers on top of your head can add a soft, feminine touch. Remember that you and your beautiful belly will be the focus of this session.

How much time should i plan for?

My family sessions will last anywhere from 20min-1.5 hours depending on the package chosen and how many people are participating. If you have little ones please plan for extra session time.

What is a Branding Story?

Social media packages are designed to provide you with professional social media content for your business. Each brand photography session includes "stories." Story telling is what I do best even the most simple story can transform into images that touch your clients. A mother snuggling with her child, coworkers laughing over a good story, a client throwing their arms around you in appreciation. these small but impactful stories are so relatable and create beautiful content. I approach your session as stories. Each story is a mix of photographs that provide what you need for social media posting. They may include you, people with you, product shots, detailed shots, still life, scenics

What should I bring to my Newborn session?

If you are planning your session at my home studio please bring extra diapers, wipes, food for baby, changes of clothes, a soothie/pacifier and anything else you think your baby will need for 4+ hours with me, Also, it is a great idea to bring some snacks and drinks for yourself and anything else that you might need for 4+ hours. Please dress in layers as it can get warm in my studio.
Feel free to bring anything you would like your baby photographed with or in and I will be happy to work them into your session.

What should I expect after my session?

Your collection will be beautifully and professionally edited and ready for your viewing within 2-3 weeks. You will receive and email from me with an invitation to view your photos in an online gallery. If you choose the Essentials Collection you will have 1 week to look over your images and select your favorites. Once you have chosen your favorites I will send your gallery back to you with a pin # to download them. If you choose the Indulgence Collection, you will also receive an email invite to view your gallery online however, yours will come with the pin# and instructions on how to download you collection.

Do you except credit cards?

I do not currently except credit cards however, I do except payments through Venmo, Zelle and Facebook Messenger using credit cards. I also except Checks made payable to Jill Skoglund and cash.

Can I reschedule my session?

Absolutely, Life happens!

What should I wear?

Every one wants to look their best for their photos. I often get questions on what to wear. Honestly, I would wear something comfortable. It's very possible that you will be squatting, sitting, jumping, leaning, lying down and standing during your session so the more comfortable you are the more natural and relaxed you will feel and this will be reflected in your photos. I strongly suggest that you don't try and match. Instead, find outfit choices and pops of color that coordinate. Try complimentary colors or use neutral shades in muted colors for a timeless look. You could also try warm or cool tones in varying shades of the same color. Have fun playing with patterns and colors just make sure patterns are complimentary of each other and scattered though out the group. If you are unsure then I would stick with a neutral base and work in a few pops of color.

I would avoid clothing with pictures or logos on them and anything neon or too bright as they can distract from the face and cause reflections.

Can I share my ideas with you?

I am very open to your ideas and would love to implement all or most of them into your session. Please feel free to share any ideas that you have. If you have a Pinterest board feel free to share that as well. Please contact me with any additional questions or concerns you may have. You can message me on my Facebook page U Shine Photography, my Instagram at ushine_photography or you can email me at ushinephotos@gmail.com.

What does a Branding session do?

Brand photography supports your brand and helps your audience connect with you. It makes them stop, take notice and spend time with you. You create a lot more followers when you engage with them. These images will be used across all of your platforms, website, social media and publications. Brand photography specializes in your digital and production marketing needs

When should I book my Newborn session?

The Ideal time frame for booking your newborn session is around month 6 of your pregnancy. I will leave some time slots open before and after your newborn arrives just in case he/she decides to arrive early or late.

A newborn session is ideal for newborns up to 3 weeks old. I have a home studio tailored to newborn sessions for your convenience or I can come to your home and do an in home lifestyle session. Both are great options and create lasting memories so I would base your decision on your comfort level. ​

I have a collection of props, hats, blankets, wraps, furs, headbands and outfits for your convenience. If you have something that you would like for your baby to photographed with or in please bring it with you and I would be happy to work it into your session.

Senior session information?

I offer a creative, fun and laid back experience! A Senior session with me will last anywhere from 30min. to 2 hours. Your Senior sessions will include 1 to 3 outfit changes and 1 location change depending on the collection you choose. It will also include extra editing with retouching. Feel free to bring props with you i.e. instrument, letter jacket, sports equipment, paint brushes, etc... I will be happy to work them into your session.

I would recommend scheduling your Senior session at least 3 weeks before your schools due date to insure that you get them in on time as the editing and uploading processes can take time. Fall session are popular so be sure to book early if you would like to schedule for the fall as time slots fill up quickly.

It's a great idea to bring a small bag to hold phones, keys, wallets, sunglasses and anything else that you might normally keep in your pockets. We don't want them showing up in your photos.

Where would we meet?

I am a natural light photographer. Most of my sessions are done outdoors or in your home. My sessions are typically one location, chosen by you. I have a short list of locations to choose from. If you already have a location in mind I will be happy to look into it for you and see if it's available, open to the public and free.

When is my payment due?

Your package payment will be due on or before your session date.

More Questions?

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